Iriga City, World
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Photo Album 3

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The old Alatco club house where company employees and their families and friends enjoyed billiard, ping-pong, checkers, duck pins bowling, and certainly Coke, Pepsi, TruOrange, Lem-o-lime, and San Miguel beer.


The old playground where Alatco families enjoyed a swing sets and rotating seesaw (Frame of the old swing still visible.)
Behind the playground and the clubhouse was a basketball court that hosted basketball tournaments during San Nicolas' barrio fiestas as well as free movies. See the old Consolidated Auto Lines (CAL) warehouses on the right and the old Goodrich Tire Recapping plant at the rear.


Hollywood what? It is Iriga City baby ! ! !


Another view of glorious Mount Iriga. Try imagining the freshness of the air due to all the green trees and plants.


What used to be just small pond with flowing fresh spring water is now major tourist and picnic destination. Also available are convention and reception facilities.


The main entrance to the several picnics areas and swimming pools.

(Please click on the thumbnails for larger and more detailed pictures.)


One of two continuously flowing fresh spring water pools. Note the shaded picnic tables.

The bottoms of the pools look dark due to the natural color of the gravel that layers the bottom of the pools.


Another view of one of two swimming pools. The bottoms of the pools are actually just gravel to facilitate the free flow of spring water.


Imagine a salt water pool in the middle of farmland?

Contact me if interested to contact for the owner.


Salt water pool, looks very inviting.


Just enjoying the nice cool salt water. Feels so great !!!

Contact me how to enjoy this secluded vacation spot.


So what if its overcast and humidity is in the 90s? The water feels so good!!!