Iriga City, World
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The seat of the local government is the Iriga City Hall. It is here where the day-to-day business is conducted by the elected officials.

Currently, under the able leadership of Mayor "Manny" Alfelor and the assistance of Vice-Mayor Roseller Orolfo, Iriga city is sure to shine and even more progressive in the years to come.

Political Subdivisions

Iriga City is composed of 36 barangays subdivided into four parishes, symbolized by the four crosses on the city seal. Most of the names of these barangays are taken from the names of the venerated saints, resulting from the strong influence of the evangelinization process of the Spanish missionaries during the Spanish colonial times.

The four parishes are:

Saint Anthony Parish (Downtown Iriga), Blessed Virgin of Angustia (Santo Domingo), Lady of Fatima (San Isidro), and Lady of Miraculous Medal (Santiago).

The thirty-six barangays are (alphabetically):

Antipolo, Cristo Rey, Del Rosairo, Francia, La Anunsacion, La Medalla, La Purisima, La Trinidad, Nino Jesus, Perpetual Help, Sagrada, Salvacion, San Agustin, San Andres, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Isidro, San Jose, San Juan, San Miguel, San Nicolas, San Pedro, San Rafael, San Ramon, San Roque, San Vicente Norte, San Vicente Sur, Santa Cruz Norte, Santa Cruz Sur, Santa ELena, Santa Isabel, Santa Maria, Santa Teresita, Santiago, Santo Domingo, and Santo Nino.