Iriga City, World
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Noteworthy Events

Recent Events

Tinagba Festival 2000

Every February 11th, Iriguenos celebrate Tinagba Festival to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. The festivities is characterized by a parade of farm carts drawn by "carabaos" as a way of giving thanks to the Almighty Lord for a bountiful harvest. Each barangay is represented by a cart uniquely decorated with farm produce from each respective barangay.

Tinagba 2000 was a success as usual, and attended by dignitaries from local (Mayor "Manny" Alfelor and his lovely wife, above picture) and national governments. Secretary of National Defense Orly Mercado and his beloved wife below, attended the celebration.


Pintakasi 2000

The annual pintakasi is celebrated to honor and commemorate the installation of San Antonio de Padua as patron saint in 1683 after Iriga became a municipality.

With God's blessings, Iriga City is very fortunate to have its "Pintakasi" on June 13, day after Philippines Independence Day. So Iriguenos have several days to celebrate and have a good time.

This year's "pintakasi" was a great success. Pictures to be published later.