Iriga City, World
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La Consolacion College

A more recent picture of La Consolacion College, formerly La Consolacion Academy. Note the privately-owned vehicles that park right next to the school buildings.


Another view of La Consolacion College that shows the other part (right side) of the picture above. The far right end of this building connects to the church.


The building pictured here was built on the garden plots around what I believed was the old Mary's Immaculate Conception altar where commencement exercises were usually held. To the extreme left is the ramp that leads from the church grounds to the street below along the old Margate building.


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University of NorthEastern Philippines (UNEP)
Formerly Mabini Memorial College, the pioneer of higher education and the first university in Iriga City, produced and continues to produce countless quality graduates in various disciplines such as Accounting, Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Commerce, Elementary Education, Liberal Arts, and Nursing.


A panoramic view of the upon entering UNEP.

(Courtesy of Oscar Nojara)


The leaning building of UNEP. Designed by Architect Fajardo, this building sits on a floating foundation supposed to be earthquake proof. Built right alongside the old Philippine National Railroad tracks, the building seemed to lean closer toward the railroad tracks.
(Picture courtesy of Oscar Nojara.)


This one level building used to be where the old grandstand stood. It is also housed the Radio Vocational Class, late Ernesto Oliveros' Athletic Office, and the Administrative offices. Note the right edge of the five-story building to the left of the picture.
(Picture courtesy of Oscar Nojara.)


A newer building located along the far right side of the five-story building connected by the building pictured above. This building sits on the northern edge of the campus landed property facing the track (oval), across and opposite from the old high school buildings of yesteryears.



University of Saint Anthony (USANT)
The main gate to University of Saint Anthony (USANT), formerly Saint Anthony Academy that became Saint Anthony College.


From the original Saint Anthony Academy established by the late Dr. Ortega, to the present University of Saint Anthony under Attorney "Boboy" Ortega, tens of thousands of graduates from this great institution continues to be proud and united at home and abroad.