Iriga City, World
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Other Landmarks

Ilian Hill -

Located at the bottom of Mount Iriga in Barangay San Nicolas, this promontory provides a panoramic view of Iriga City, Baao and Bato Lakes.

Inorogan Chapel -

Located on top of a hill in Barangay Santo Domingo, the chapel was built by a local philantrophist to commemorate the miraculous escape from the death and destruction by inhabitants during Mount Sumagang's eruption in 1614. The miracle is attributed to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary whose image as Our Lady of Angustia was said to have been found at the present chapel site by Agta hunters. See Photo Album 3 for pictures of Inorogan Chapel.

Mount Iriga Crater and Gully -

After its last recorded eruption on January 4, 1614, a 500 feet deep gully from the summit was formed. Wild berries and local pine "agoho" trees grow abundantly due to the rather cold environment. Below is Mount Iriga and the gully as viewed from Lake Buhi.


(Picture contributed by Dean and Arlita nee Oliva Martin)