Iriga City, World
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Mount Iriga

Formerly known as Mount Asog, Mount Iriga is an extinct volcano. Its last recorded eruption was January 4, 1614 which formed Lake Buhi. It has an elevation of 1196 meters (3,924 feet) with Ilian Hill sits toward the bottom just a few kilometers above barrio San Nicolas.

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

Situated right on Calvario Hill, right above what is now Ibalon Hotel. Once thought to be the home of a witch (asuwang) later became the place where the reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the hill of Calvary hence the name Calvario.

During World War II, the Japanese Imperial Army took advantage of its strategic location of having a good view of the town proper, used it as a garrison. It is here where countless Iriguenos who opposed their presence suffered imprisonment, torture and death.

The grotto provides a panoramic view of downtown Iriga City and the surrounding barrios. In the early 70's the hill was slowly developed; using the stone bricks from blasted boulders to build the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes to its present grandeur.


Tinagba Park

Built to honor and commemorate the Lady of Lourdes. What was used to be the old children park just below the church, became this beautiful park designed for everybody but more so for the children, the future of Iriga City.


New Social Hall

Local farmers sun-dried their rice grain prior to milling. Local and neighboring basketball teams competed every summer. Special events and social gatherings as New Year's Eve Masquerade Balls were held here for many years. But during the monsoon season one could almost go swimming.

This new, sheltered building, built right where the old social hall, hosts the same activities and more, sporting activities, social gatherings, special events, seminars and workshops, except rice drying.