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Aziza Marie Ramos

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I am in fifth grade. My mom is the beautiful and smart Cathy Ramos and my dad is the handsome and dedicated Jo Ramos.I have two brothers; Joseph and Bubby. I'm right in the middle,I also have two half brothers; Jon and Jedd.I play baseball (my favorite sport) with my younger brother (Bubby). I love pets, though I never had one I think it would be nice to have a dog similar to the one shown. I think they are cute and a great companion to have. I am ten years old and my birthday is in January on the 23rd. I love my family and friends. My best friend who I have known like forever is a girl named Ashlee. She is short, tough, and has been in my school ever since kindergarten. Though we have only known each other for 3 years we are great friends. The reason we have only known eachother for three years instead of 6 is because during the time we were at Walker School we only saw each other, but when we moved to Ericson in third grade we saw each other recognized that we were both from Walker and since we have some stuff in common we became bestfriends. We both moved from Walker School in second grade and has been in each other's classes since we got to Ericson.

After the terrorist attacks in New York I thought it was no big deal and thought it was annoying how my mom kept bringing it up. But then during the night on the news they showed a video of one of the towers that falling down, I saw all the people running away, I saw their scared and sad faces as they ran away from the tower. Then I realized it was a big deal. If I lost anyone in my family in that attack I would be crying all day and night. When I heard what everyone was doing to raise money for the people who lost their homes and family and I had also heard that people from the sides of the streets would ask if the police, firefighters, or anyone needed help......I started to cry. I couldn't believe that I could just ignore such a huge problem, one that was totally unforgetfull. I thought to myself that our motto, or saying 'E PLURIBUS UNUM' (out of many,one) truly does have a meaning. It means one group of people (the can make a great team. A great team to help heal the big wound our country has gotten from terrorist attack. A great team to help the families and friends that have lost theirs become stronger and hopefull. That day I decided to not ignore our country's problems. Anything that happened I would always have hope and love for those who are kind to help each other feel better.